Titans Defensive Woes Continue

Courtesy: mercedsunstar.com

The Tennessee Titans haven’t looked much different defensively; teams are still pushing down the field past them and players are still missing tackles. It was  said last night that this defense is missing an identity.

It’s true.

I think part of that stems from this being such a young defense, half of the starters still having only a year or two of experience out there.  They lack true leaders. Players are always saying that they’re ready to take on a leadership role, but the Titans need those natural leaders, players such as Colin McCarthy, who walk out on the field and just have that presence. Bernard Pollard is supposed to be one of those guys, but is his presence enough?

McCarthy may not be the starting MLB come week one. Moise Fokou has had a solid camp, soaking up extra time in McCarthy’s absence as he deals with yet another injury. If McCarthy can’t get healthy, and remain so, the Titans will have to move on to the next guy, and unfortunate thought, considering the talent we’ve seen McCarthy display when on the field.

One has to hope that the Titans are saving their real defensive fireworks for the real season, because if this vanilla play takes the field in their first two games against the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Houston Texans, the Titans could be looking at adding two more historical blowouts to the list.

Here’s to optimism.


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